The Erasmus Student Association of Verona was founded in 1992 by students returning from their own exchange period abroad who wanted to share their experience with other international students in Verona.  For a long time the Association has carried out activities to welcome the new Erasmus Students in our university; in 1999 it joined the European ESN Network becoming a member of the ESN Italia branch, which had been established 7 years before from the common effort of seven founding sections (Siena, Parma, Pavia, Milan, Trento, Bologna, and Genoa).

ASE-ESN Verona has now more than 20 years of experience serving Erasmus students and foreigners who stay for a period at the University of Verona, sharing the values and ideals that inspired the birth of the Erasmus project.

Ase-Esn Verona is operating not only locally but also on the national level. ESN Verona hosts many events throughout the year, the largest being the Pool Parties and the Giro delle Osterie. The Pool Parties are a highlight of the association: they are held twice a year (once in each semester) and are magical parties at an indoor swimming pool. The Giro delle Osterie is a tour of antique and famous “osterie” (typical and unique taverns from the city) in Verona.