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ESNcard is a symbol of the new generation of students: mobile, active and successful! 
It offers not only great discounts for young people across Europe, but also gives them access to information, culture, education, careers, mobility and fun. 
What advantages can you get with your ESNCard? 
Your ESNcard will bring you many benefits: 
• Culture discounts in museums, cinemas, concerts, events 
• Fun & leisure discounts in pubs, clubs, restaurants 
• Travel discounts 
• Language courses, useful information & news 
• Shops vouchers & discounts for books, fashion, electronic & DVD equipment 
• Sport discounts in swimming pools, fitness & dance clubs, bike rental 
• Services internet, banks accounts, taxi, phone cards, hostel 
• Careers & Education information & news about jobs, student conferences and events, free trainings Competitions each month for everyone with different prizes 
How can you get the ESNCard?
The ESNCard can be obtained exclusively from our offices
Visit the WEBSITE:
and register your ESNCard !!!
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ESNcard è un simbolo dellla nuova generazione di studenti.

Non offre solo sconti per i giovani di tutta Europa, ma avvicina loro alla cultura, l'eduzione, l'informazione, la mobilità e il divertimento.
Quali vantaggi puoi ottenere con la tua ESNCard?
La tua ESNcard ti offre molte agevolazioni: 
• Musei culturali, cinema, concerti, eventi
• Divertimento e sconti in locali e ristoranti
• Viaggi
• Corsi di lingua, informazioni, notizie
• Sconti per libri, negozi, elettronica
• Sconti in piscine e palestre
• Servizio internet, banche, taxi, SIM, ostelli
Dove puoi trovare la tua ESNCard?
Puoi fare l'ESNCard nei nostri uffici!!!
e registra la tua ESNCard !!!